outfit1_3 Kopie

A very comfy outfit from a couple of days ago wearing my beloved oversize cardigan I stole out of my sisters closet. :) Can’t remember the day I’ve been away from my Macbook this long. And I also can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sick. Being at home doesn’t feel like relaxing anymore, it feels more like being a zombie laying in a coma. I’m not even in the mood for netflix. I’ve even been to Vienna for two days although I’ve been feeling sick, because I didn’t want to cancel the trip, but it was definitely worth it (blogpost about it coming soon!). Now all I need is a break from everything and rest, rest, rest! I’m so done with just laying in bed, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be better. Always listen to your body and don’t do it like me and ignore the signs of your body, if you feel like needing a rest!

Enjoy your holidays! :)


Top Zara
Pants Zara
Cardigan Sister’s closet
Shoes Chiara Ferragni
Bag Mango

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