Days are getting longer and warmer, feels like summer finally arrived. So that means my happy-glow is still on full beam. Everyone should be able to wake up with a smile and carry it throughout the day until you get back to sleep. And with sunny warm days while doing what I love I’m keeping it up to match the mood. But do you know these people who are constantly trying to kill your vibes? Those dull-minded people who may mean well, but continue to offer advice like „you need to have a stable job with a stable income you can count on”, when I’m talking about my dreams and goals. Unfortunately, the world is filled, no crowded, with people like that.

I just can’t understand how people can live a life like that. Going to work, then working your ass off for 8 hours for someone else’s success and then go home and do nothing for YOU, yourself, your dreams or goals, whatever. How can you be happy with that?

I’ve come to the realization that the people closest to me really don’t get it. Sad, but true. They don’t know the sleepless nights, the power of a dream, the support of a community of like-minded people,  they have given up on their own dreams. And you know why? Because people like that always need certainty, they need to feel safe. They don’t want to take risks so they continue to live that boring, ordinary, average life and trying to discourage people who are still fighting for their dreams.

People always keep asking me why I’m blogging. I do that, because it’s my passion, obviously. And the next thing they say would be „but what will be the outcome of this whole blog thing, it won’t get you anywhere“. Yea, but your shitty 8 hours jobs will get you further in life, okay sure. I stopped answering those questions, because I’ve realized they would never understand. They have never poured their heart into something they love doing. If it’s not possible for them… in their eyes, it’s not possible for me either. They know nothing else, but trying to fit into the “normal” standard of getting a job, working your ass off for someone else, only to retire with little or nothing.

But here’s my epiphany: Don’t try to be average and be like the rest of them. Try pouring your soul and heart into your OWN work, instead of someone else’s.

And when you talk about your goals and dreams and people make fun of you, doubt you, or even question you, always remember that it’s not their journey to make sense of…it’s yours, and love them anyway! :)








Hope you like my outfit! I’ve got my hair dyed btw, what do you think? :)

Pants Mango
Shoes Mango
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