Time is flying by so fast, can’t believe this month is soon over. This autumn is going to be a time of changes in many ways. And they’ll going to be very positive changes. I’m not going to tell you now, but you’ll see it soon, anyway. I’m so happy about it, sometimes you just need to get rid of the things that drag you down. It doesn’t matter what it is – people, friends, a job or something else, just let go of what no longer serves you. That’s exactly what I did and it was the best thing I could have ever done. :)


Sometimes you just need to step back and ask yourself do I really need this in my life? The answer will probably be „no“.  I left toxic people, relationships and jobs behind, that don’t help me to accomplish my goals or just no longer make sense in my life. When you set standards and stick to them, there will be people and things that fall away. Let them. One day you just do what you once thought was unthinkable: walk away. And it will be scary at first. But what you’ll find in the end is that in leaving, you don’t just find love, adventure or freedom. More than anything, you find YOU.




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I always felt safe. But over time „safe“ didn’t serve me anymore. Safe became imprisonment. I was acutally empty. You know that feeling when people constantly ask you questions and want something from you, but your mind is just completely blank and you just don’t know what to say and just don’t care about anything. What sucks worse than heartbreak? – Feeling nothing, definitely. I was lost and had no clue how to get back home.

Where was „home“ actually? I began to ask myself this question a hundred times. I knew the journey from where I was back to my home was going to be a scary, uncertain one; but at some point I had no choice. I couldn’t live separate from myself anymore, so I decided to start walking without any idea where I was going.

I made mistakes after mistakes, and I still am making them. But those mistakes got me in the exact direction where I was meant to go. I don’t regret any of it, because all of the wrong choices led me to the right place where I am supposed to be right now at this moment.


Finding yourself is not a comfortable process, nor should it be. I’m not saying I already found my inner self and everything is done, but I can say I’m on the right direction and through every experience I get to know myself better and better. Discovering and unraveling it is a life-long process.

This period of confusion is about questioning everything. When you start asking the questions, you will find the answers. My answers might not always have been the answers I wanted, but they were always the answers I needed.

I think the most important thing is to find purpose. Get uncomfortable, get scared, become a beginner again. If you think you know everything, find something you know nothing about, and learn it well. Watch how you respond and react. You will learn something new about yourself; not only about your character, but what turns on your light. Once you’ve found something that turns on your light, you’ve found purpose. :)


Enough bla bla, what do you think about my outfit? And before I forget, shoutout to the guy who owns this Vespa. Thanks to whoever for providing great scenery in this photograph :p









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There are so many experiences you can make throughout life. Often we get too caught up in the daily routine and forget to spend time doing what we love, relaxing or getting out of town to explore the world. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do this week. I’m currently in Klagenfurt, enjoying the wonderful weather at the lake or going out for some drinks in the evening and some shopping during day-time – forgetting all the stress. In a few hours I’m off to Bosnia, my home country. Can’t wait to go shopping there and spend some relaxing off-time in Brcko. I will be visiting Sarajevo too. So excited.



What do you think about my outfit? Love wearing white when it’s warm outside and the most important accessoire: my H&M slip-ons – could wear them to death! :)






Top Zara
Pants Mango
Bag Sisley
Shoes H&M


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