Happy 1st of May, everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Just when I thought I miss being spontaneous, going out, just doing things without planning it before, that’s all I’ve been doing after that. Well, almost. I’ve had late nights with friends, I’ve been eating out a lot, I’ve been sleeping too little, still, I’ve been working a lot, reading and watching movies until morning, doing new things and just feeling busy. Now it really feels like a Sunday evening after a weekend full of fun and work.

But why stressing about it? Sometimes I sleep too little, and that’s it. Sometimes, I’m working a lot at weird hours, eating ice-cream for breakfast, because I’m too lazy to cook. So what? Why do I even think that everything always has to be so perfectly put together?

Often people would come to me with a long story about something that is frustrating them and distracting them from achieving what they want. Why the hell stressing about things you can’t control in the first place? Everything that’s meant to be will happen. In fact, as stupid as it sounds, the only certainty we have in life is death. This is the only guarantee. We know for sure that one day we will die. But that’s it people. Nothing else is certain.

I myself have been working on going with the flow a little more and getting rid of my old habit of over-planning. The experience I made is that when you trust that things will work out, things often turn out much better than you could have ever planned. Besides that, would I really enjoy life when everything was organized and every minute was planned? Definitely not.

Wish you a nice and spontaneous week, do what makes you happy! :)


outfit3_3 Kopie

outfit3_4 Kopie



Sweater Mango
Shorts Zara
Shoes Zara
Bag Chanel

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